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Why are

First off there was a Code of Conduct that all parents signed off at the beginning of the season.

There are a few parents that obviously didn’t read what they signed off on or refuse to follow its most simple common-sense rules.

Our Coaches are ALL VOLUNTEERS. They coach for the love of the game either through previous years of playing the game and/or want to help young athletes have fun, collaborate and develop their skills.

Everyone has a busy life.

All these coaches had to take time out of their busy lives to take courses on how to coach through Hockey Canada credentials. They are taking time out of their own busy lives to take groups of kids with different skills, attention spans, attitudes and make them a successful team. They have early mornings, afternoon during traffic hours, late night evening practices/games. Often these coaches even adjust their own working schedules just to accommodate. Parents need to understand this fact that it goes way above than the win/losses of game days.

If coaches feel that if any single player is being disruptive or its a safety concern and needs to be disciplined to send a message, then they have the obligation to do as such. Coaches are allowed to discipline players in the following manner without pre-approvals: Missing a shift or Missing a few shifts or Missing a period up to the maximum of 2 periods. If a coach wants to sit a player for a game, then he would need the executive boards approval to do as such. If you disagree then ask yourself this – How would the teachers in our schools be able to enact discipline for bad behavior without detention?

Coaches are quitting at an alarming rate and it all comes down to parent’s behavior. Just like we are told to not yell at referee’s and players the same applies to the coaches. Parents have only 1 job to do and that is be the best cheerleaders for all athletes and team officials. As a fully nonprofit association where we completely rely on finding quality certified Volunteer coaches is extremely difficult! Even if one coach quits it has a very high chance to never return or be replaced and that could mean that the team would not exist. Do you want to be that parent that caused the coach to quit cause of the way you felt it wasn’t right for your child?

Before you feel the need to have any concerns for a coach in our association Honestly ask yourself:

1. Can I fill his/her shoes?

2. Can I take the time out of my busy schedule and accommodate all the athletes?

3. Can I take concerns from other parents on how to coach the team?

4. Do I even know the game fully?

5. Can I take the time to prepare a full plan for before the season? Each Practice? Each game?

6. Can I have the patience to take a group of kids with different skills, attention spans, attitudes and make them play as a team.

7. Can I take all the courses to qualify and can I keep taking more course’s to better my skills?

If you can answer “Yes” to every single question listed above, then why haven’t you signed up to coach already?

If you answered even one question as a “NO” then you are not the coach!

Coaches have a plan and goals for each season. Coaches don’t need to hear your advice as it doesn’t play into their objectives. No coach ever wants to have a kid quit hockey on his/her watch. They will do everything in their powers to ensure its a fun and rewarding experience under their leadership.They also do so, as I did, to be away from the gossip that parents at times will share amongst themselves or worse yet those would be too vocal and scream coaching instructions at their kids or critique them/coaches or officials.

The Biggest issue coaches have is having parents coaching their kids before and after any team event. If you feel the need to be constructive with your child athlete then I ask you to be the one to teach them on how to be a team player, great sportsmanship skills, try hard, and be respectful.

The other concern is having parents voice to the coach by calling, texting, emailing them. All our coaches are there to coach your kids and not be coached by the parents.

If you feel the urge to voice any of your concerns about any of the coaches, then please take the appropriate steps: contact your Team Manager. If the team manger feels its a viable concern, then the team manager will take it up to the Division Manager. If the OM feels it is a concern, then they will approach myself.

There are many associations that don’t have such a great group of parents. I’m thankful for all the majority of parents within our association that respect all our Volunteers and be respectful parents.

Thank you,
Mike Narain
Coach Coordinator
New West Minor Hockey Association