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Parent Contract & Guidelines

All parents and guardians of players in the QDMHA agree to abide by the following guidelines and ensure that friends or relatives who accompany the, to the rink will also follow this guidelines, as applicable. They accept the premise that playing rep or house hockey is a privilege, not a right. They accept the responsibilities as a parent or guardian of a player in this association and commit to the conditions in this contract.

1. Parents will actively encourage and support the concepts of fair play at all times. The concepts are respect the rules, respect the opponents, respect the officials and their decisions. Have everyone participate and maintain self control at all times.

2. Parents will ensure that their player regularly attends all practices and games. Contact the team manager if you are unable to attend.

3. Parents, relatives or friends are not allowed in the dressing room before or after practices or games.

4. Parents, relatives or friends are not allowed near or behind the players bench during games.

5. Parents are encouraged to support the team as a whole, not just their own player.

6. Parents will not criticize, embarrass or heckle any players, including the opposition. Good plays by both teams should be recognized.

7. Parents shall not criticize the referees, particularly while attending games, or in the presence, or within earshot of any players.

8. Parent shall not use abusive or foul language at any time in the rinks.

9. Parents shall leave the coaching to the coaching staff. Parents are not to encourage their player to play in a game in a manner inconsistent with the team strategies and plans.

10. Parents will communicate any and all concerns to the team manager or coach first.

11. Harassment of coaches, players, parents or officials by means of electronic devices, social media, or other electronic communication is not acceptable and may result in immediate disciplinary action.

12. School takes presidance over hockey. The coaching staff will work in conjunction with the parents to maintain a positive school attitude and performance.

13. I realize my player will be summarily suspended for involvement in any hazing, or initiation rituals of team mates. This behaviour will be referred to both Quenel and BC Hockey associations for disciplinary actions.
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